A list of the various Supra Mk4 speedo variants available as standard or as accessories.

The serial tachometer:

Starting with the J-Spec speedometer (Not infrequently, 180 km / h):

Here is the later facelift J-Spec speedometer (Not infrequently, 180 km / h):

The European Serial Tacho (Not uncommon, 300 km / h):

In the USA / England this speedometer was installed (Not infrequently, 180 mp / h - 300 km / h):

Accessories Speedometer:

Probably the best known speedometer from TRD (Rar, approx. 400 €, 320 km / h):

And the TRD speedometer for the facelift Supra (Rar, about 500 €, 320 km / h):

A rare lightning speedometer (extremely rare, 320 km / h):

SARD Corporation Speedometer (Extremely rare, 340 km / h):

Probably also very rare, the speedometer of TOM's (Extremely rare, 340 km / h):

HKS Speedometer & Tachometer (Extremely rare, 360 km / h & 9,000 rpm):

The last speedometer comes from Veilside (Extremely rare, 360 km / h):


TRD also has the right tachometer,
There was also this for non-facelift & facelift.
(Rar, about 500 €, 10,000 upm) :

Tachometer with gear indicator of an automatic Supra:

And last but not least, the complete Powerhouse Racing instrument cluster:
(mp / h or km / h, extremely rare)