That Toyota and BWM have entered into a cooperation with the new Supra / Z5 has long been known. Nevertheless, both models will differ in many things. Both body, chassis, engine and the interior construct both manufacturers on their own.

The BWM from Japan

BMW has had a successful history with the 328, 507 and also the Z8, and has even gained cult status through James Bond and Elvis Presley. However, the interest in the second generation - the Z4 - has eased significantly with the customer, so that the production of the Roadster was finally discontinued. It is only logical that BWM has now obtained help from Japan to obtain the successor.

The differences

BMW wants to go back to the classic fabric roof with the new Z5 and so it should only be available as a convertible. Toyota, however, will initially offer a closed coupe.

The interior is offered at the BWM in the classic and in-house style with soft plastics and a large dashboard / navigation screen. Similarly, the seating position should be much lower than it will be on the Toyota Supra.

There are also big differences in the engine. While BMW relies on its own four-and six-cylinder with an output of up to 326 hp, Toyota used for the new Supra the Lexus own four-cylinder engine with electric drive and a total of 223 hp as a basic version.

As with the predecessor model of the Supra, there will also be a sports version with a 3.5 liter V6 naturally aspirated engine from the LC500h and an electric drive with a total of 359 hp on the market. Whether both model versions will be presented this summer is not yet known to us.

The one or the other ambitious MK4 driver certainly does not appeal to this achievement, but in terms of price, a much larger clientele is likely to be addressed with this model.

At least the BMW should already be available from a price of 35,000 €. This sum is just above the original price of a Toyota GT86.