With a renewed ride, Toyota has had its Erlkönig tested on the Nürburgring with an enhanced version of the Toyota Supra.

So far, one kept heavily covered with the interior. With the new spy photos of the interior are now much more elements and details of the Japanese model to recognize - and also the joint cooperation with BMW.

The steering wheel with the overcoated Toyota logo, as well as the signal generator are very similar to the Bavarian Z4 model. If interpreted correctly, shift pads are also visible behind the steering wheel.

Unmistakable is of course the display and the monostable selector, which corresponds to the typical BMW models. The electric parking brake is just as recognizable.

Contrary to the concept vehicle FT-1 and the predecessor model MK4, to our regret, the driver-related cockpit has been lost, which was certainly a unique selling proposition.

What is your opinion?

Source: Autoevolution.com