On Wednesday, the 29th of November, Toyota's dealership meeting took place in Copenhagen and we would not be a Toyota Supra Community, if we did not have some more information and could confirm it firsthand.

The event was split into an international and national business meeting, where Toyota's strategies and goals were presented until 2021.

Often longtime Toyota vehicle owners have criticized the emotionless vehicle strategy of Toyota, but as one of the three strategic cornerstones is called "emotions", which should be accompanied, inter alia, by the well-known Waku Doki philosophy and the Gazoo Racing .

In addition to information on the B-SUV or the new 2021er Hybrid Highlander, also the almost final model of the new Toyota Supra was presented. So that no photos could be made, all visitors had to hand over their smartphones.

To everyone's surprise, the new Toyota Supra was presented with the words " This is the new Supra, " by Akio Toyoda in person, because a presentation / publication was not pre-announced at the meeting.

According to the statement, the digitally processed vehicle (see above) most closely resembles the presented new Toyota Supra.

Sale only in 2019 and with a capacity of 340hp

The new Toyota should be until 2019 at our dealers to buy. Initially, BMW will offer its new Z4 model developed in cooperation with Toyota, followed by the new Toyota Supra one year later.

There should be two variants. The model mentioned here should have a power of 340hp, but no hybrid. Because the presentation presented to us will make the Highlander with 280 hp the most powerful hybrid model out of the house.