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There are now many photos and videos of both Erlkönige in circulation, but in fact there are now more detailed and sound information about the Z4, as the Supra itself. BMW keeps the topic not so obscure, even open a leaflet about the motorization of the new vehicle on display.

A cooperation of both companies is well-known and it does not use the first synergies. As early as 2011, the jointly developed hydrogen fuel cell and battery technology for a new sports car platform began.

Important in such a partnership is a win-win basis, which is clearly noticeable in both projects, says BMW CEO Harald Krüger.

"It's a good partnership, so you never know if this will continue to be limited to the existing one, it works very well from both sides, and the first car I could drive felt fantastic."

Toyota itself filed an application for protection of the word "Supra" in Class 12 (automobile and its spare parts) with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) on 3 June 2016, thus already providing concrete indications of a return of the sports car Inlaid classic. But quite unanimous is not Toyota on the award of the name "Supra", as we report in more detail in this article

Cooperation is not equal to uniformity

The body, as well as the interior are very different. The BMW Z4 will only be a roadster with fabric roof and the body shape remains true to its previous line of the previous model, even with classic BMW elements in the interior itself

The Supra, on the other hand, will only be available in coupe form, which with its elongated bonnet, double-bubble style on the roof and rump on the rear comes close to the FT-1 concept introduced in 2014.

Parallel to the BMW Z4, the Toyota Supra is being built near Magna-Steyr in Austria.


While BMW is quite open with a sticker stuck in the Interior, Toyota kept hidden with this information. Most recently, an engine specification for the new Z4 and the Toyota Supra was released on supramkv.com.

There are 3 engine variants developed by BMW: 20i, 30i and 40i. All models will be with a capacity of 248hp (4 cylinders) to 335hp (6-cylinder in-line engine) rear-wheel drive and exclusively automatic with dual clutch transmission.
Asked whether Toyota would expand its sports cars with hybrid technology in the future, Toyota Europe President and CEO Johan van Zyl replied:

"I could well imagine that this will happen in the future - we already have some sporty models with hybrid drive from our subsidiary Lexus - when Toyota can realize a vehicle with hybrid technology in the" World Endurance Championship "race car, so it can also be ported to the road, and I have no doubt that we will have a genuine Toyota sports model with electric drive components in the near future. "

The hybrid technology is similar to that of the Le Mans race cars. Thus, the regenerative braking of the Toyota Supra could store electrical energy in a lithium-ion battery on both the front and rear axles.

In a rear-wheel drive, the use of a hybrid technique is unlikely.

Patent of an electric turbocharger

Interestingly in a standing connection is a patent application on 8 May 2015 by Toyota to an electric compressor. The patent explains another use of the usual bearing which allows the turbo to spool more easily.

Price and sale 2019

Many were looking forward to the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2017, as they had expected the first presentation there. However, the new Supra has so far been presented at a dealer conference in Koppenhagen. Detailed article can be found here . However, extradition for the European market could be delayed until 2019. The base model could start with a sum of $ 40,000 and start for the Premium version with a price of $ 50,000.

Already in 2018, the Gazo Racing version of the Toyota Supra was presented at the Geneva Motor Show. A year later at the very same event, the street version is presented. More in the following article

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