All supra owners have been waiting for this message: There is a supply for our ladies.

As a Supra owner, we now know how difficult and sometimes expensive it can be to get parts that are no longer available from Toyota. Especially in terms of body or interior parts, the prices now reach four-digit amounts, if one finds any at all.

Already in an older post we had suggested that Toyota (independent of the Toyota Collection) could start a Classic / Heritage department.

This weekend, interested parties and the Japanese Supra Community SOC in Tokyo had MegaWeb the opportunity to test the new Supra A90, drive and take part in a great event. At the press conference, Toyota & Toyota Gazoo Racing now officially announced that they would like to produce new replacement parts for the Supra models A70 and A80 in the future.

In all likelihood other Toyota models will also be added to the list.

Of course, we asked some SOC members we met in Japan at the time, but they could not get more information from personal conversations with Toyota employees. If you get some news from Japan in advance, we will of course share it with you.

So we can be happy that the Supra models can continue to be moved on the streets in the future and what we have in mind with our project www.supra.parts , you already read that.