The Toyota Supra is already considered a classic and is considered by many as an investment . However, for a vehicle to become a valuable old-timer, many basic things must be fulfilled. One of these is the guaranteed parts supply, without which such a vehicle becomes unattractive for the "investor".

Nissan and Mazda have already taken this step and so Nissan already has such a department under the NISMO label. Is Toyota therefore a consistent way to found such a department as well?

Invitation to the Toyota Collection Event in Cologne

Some will already know that the Toyota collection of the family Pichert was dissolved or sold to Toyota. Some of the vehicles were sold internally, some of the rare vehicles will be exhibited in the future museum of Toyota Germany in Cologne.

And so today we received an invitation from Toyota Germany for the opening, in which the letterhead could possibly reveal more.

An official " TOYOTA Classic " logo.
And actually under the domain www.toyota-classic.de (here under the label Toyota collection) an official website of Toyota Germany is currently being created. The International .com domain is also registered under the same name by the supervising agency of Toyota - Reck Kommunikation GmbH & Co Kg.

We are curious and will keep you up to date on this topic as well as writing an article about the closed event in November.