Last year at the Supra Event in MegaWeb Tokyo, Toyota Global and Toyota Gazoo Racing announced the "GR Heritage Parts Project" to manufacture parts that were no longer available for the Toyota Supra A70 and A80.

The first spare parts should already be manufactured this year and should be available through Toyota dealers. Detailed information on part numbers or specific publication dates will be published in spring 2020.

The cardan shaft, door handle, fuel gauge, sealing strips and the front badge have been announced for the Supra A70
For the Supra A80 it is the headlights, door handles and the brake booster.

Your feedback and our connections

Toyota Global asks for feedback from Supra owners about which parts they would no longer like to see available for further production.

As we are in direct contact with Toyota Global from Japan (we have already made an image film together) we are happy to support you in communicating and conveying your wishes.

You can find a list of parts that are no longer available at https://www.toyota-supra.de/parts/discontinued

Comment it or send and send the information to the following email address: info@toyota-supra.de with the following information:

Vehicle model A70 or A80
Right / left hand drive
Desired part number