With the invitation we received on October 26 (we reported) , Toyota invited guests from the automotive industry, politics, the Pichert family and well-known media companies such as Spiegel Online to this exclusive event and the opening of the new Toyota Collection ,

"You've got to have a really cranky relationship with cars to get Toyotas

On display are models such as the Toyota Corolla, several generations of the Celica models, a rare SERA with the well-known scissor doors, a Toyota Sports 800, racing cars from the WEC and LeMans series, as well as two of a total of 4 2000GT vehicles known in Germany. A missing in the collection Toyota Supra MK4 should fill the gap next to the MK2 and MK3.

While a large buffet of food and drinks provided culinary well-being, in addition to the many interesting discussions, one could also experience and "feel" the vehicles up close and personal from all perspectives.

If you were otherwise lucky enough to see a 2000GT live, we were allowed to sit here and have a look under the dress. Another highlight was the Formula 1 car, a LeMans vehicle, and a race car from the WEC series, to which event we as a community with Toyota at the Nürburgring were. An exciting, but at the same time a bit cramped feeling, who once sat in such a vehicle.

Every single vehicle carries its own story, which preserves its personality in the form of scratches or even small bumps, but makes it unique in its form.

Toyota Classics

While the European automakers celebrate their history through imposing museums, their respective vehicle history by epochs, series or theme families put perfectly in the limelight, looked at the Japanese manufacturers far and wide from bieder. This has cultural reasons, among other things, because while in Germany one builds on a solid foundation, Japan has a completely different idea of permanence. For example, the wooden Shinto shrine, which is famous in Ise, is demolished every 20 years and rebuilt completely identically.

Although the Japanese love traditions and old customs, but in terms of technology is usually only the latest, which leaves the predecessor in a worse light.

This, too, is one of the reasons why European classics have been reimported numerous times back from Japan in the last 20 years.

But there has also been talk in the Japanese executive floors that without an impressive history no focused brand positioning can succeed and so Toyota moves with Mazda and Nissan.

"You have to have a disgusting relationship with cars to collect Toyotas," writes N-TV in an article on the event on Thursday, because alongside a modest spare parts warehouse, the Toyota models lead a shadowy existence in the glamorous car world of Porsche, Mercedes or Audi. But they are reliable as a clockwork and always find a fan circle, as well as Peter Pichert since the beginning.

Takeover of the Pichert collection

Auto Pichert GmbH was one of the first 28 Toyota dealers in Germany in 1971. Over the years, Peter Pichert collected several Toyota models in addition to the day-to-day business and laid the foundation stone for a unique collection, at least in Europe, with the first Toyota Museum founded in 1994.

With the death of Peter Pichert, the care of the car rarities for the family became more difficult and so came daughter Birgit Pichert with Toyota Germany into conversation. Of course, Toyota is silent about the sum of the takeover, but Toyota seized the opportunity and quickly reached an agreement.

"This collection, for which we are very grateful, benefits all car fans and we also regard it as a tribute to our dealers from the very beginning, whose dedication has only made the Toyota brand in Germany great," said Fux.

The staff's indoor hall has been converted into a small exhibition space, where not only the core of the Pichert collection, but also vehicles from the vehicle fleet of Toyota Deutschland GmbH and Toyota Motorsport GmbH and Toyota team europe history have found their place. Many other vehicles from the collection were sold internally to the employees of Toyota, because in addition to the vehicles, Peter Pichert had accumulated during this time an established stock of spare parts

Thus, with the acquisition of the Toyota collection of the family Pichert one of the most interesting collections of classic Toyota vehicles

Access to these cars should initially be possible only at dealer conferences, sales training or fan club meetings, on Saturday the 2.12, the vehicles between 10 and 14 clock can be visited once

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