Supra MKIV - Beautiful must be preserved

Few Japanese sports cars are as popular and stable in Germany as the Toyota Supra MKIV.

"A car needs love ," once said the quadruple rally Monte Carlo winner Walter Röhrl. This is certainly not what the Toyota Supra MKIV lacks. Although the Japanese could fight for a place in the hearts of German motorists only late, but sustainable. Despite the strong 330 hp three-liter Reihensechser with biturbo charging, the 1993 brought to the market sports car initially not met much love. To massive design, peculiar-looking design twists such as the spoiler and the four-part taillights were reason enough for the press and the car buyers to meet the athlete with disdain. The sales figures in Germany moved around the 500 pieces and reflect this negative attitude. Only the least had a manual transmission, which significantly increases the value of these cars in a sale. By the way, the relatively low interest in the release of the Toyota shares with Mazda RX-7 or the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R.

Anyone who loves the sports car will find it difficult to sell. If necessary, there are a few things to keep in mind: A prospective buyer will want to focus on a few aspects when buying a Supra MKIV. If these are met, a higher selling price can be achieved.

You want what you see every day

The MKIV has celebrated an unusual revival and is currently a very coveted car, which is sometimes called in America even maximum prices of $ 100,000 - last reported a Japanese website on a rise in prices. Not least the video game "Need for Speed" and the feature film "Fast and Furious", in which the Japanese were prominently represented as supercars, were responsible for the change in perception.The enthusiasm of the young people or young adults at the time lessened the demand and thus the prices In this country, the number of available models due to the low sales figures is more limited than in America, also because the adapted 225 hp variant was not offered in this country.This reduces the supply and prices are stable, not only in America. or rise.

One possibility for the purchase is the import, especially when the first models reach the vintage car status (30 years after approval). It should be noted in the planned import that the car preferences vary nationally: In the UK right hand drive are the norm and often models from Japan are offered with automatic transmission. Naturally, left-hand drive vehicles are much more popular in Germany than their right-handed brothers, but a conversion is rarely worthwhile. Seldom are in Germany switch models, for which also when buying deeper into the pocket must grab.

Indestructible, fast as lightning and upgradeable

In addition to the small number of available models, other aspects for the value stability of the supras are crucial. The engine 2JZ-GTE is very stable, even with tuning and more than 150,000 kilometers driven rarely show significant signs of wear. However, when selling at a lower mileage, the car can be sold at a higher price - but driving performance is not as crucial as other sports cars due to the durability of the engine.

Since the weight of the Toyota Supra is considerable, arise after 25 years ever problems with the chassis and the track. The former is time-consuming and cost-intensive, the second is more of a trifle. The authenticity of the body can be assigned the serial number ("matching number"). Especially in the Americas can be achieved with this number a higher price, but in German Supra fanfares, the number is increasingly important.

The brake system is also rarely a cause for complaint, which does not mean that it should not be tested. The special feature of the sports car is that it (relatively) can be cheaply transformed from a fast to a brute sports car. As usual, the Tuningwillen neither performance nor money limits are set. The performance can be set so high that even today's sports cars on the other hand like the mobile lawnmower from the rented neighbor act.

"Beauty is a welcome guest everywhere."

The source of the quote, a certain Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, must already have known the Supra. The design and the sound are unmistakable and even after up to 13 years still on a very high level to settle. Of course the MKIV is neither immortal nor invulnerable despite its power and grace: For this purpose, simply do without full throttle driving with a cold engine and always check the oil level. If this is observed, the beauty of the athlete will shine for a long time and a good selling price can be achieved.

Apart from that, the same rules apply to the Supra as to any other car: Maintaining the rust, maintaining it regularly and keeping it close to the original - both in terms of performance or design. A Supra in top condition is of course worth more than one that is held together only by rust and chewing gum. Or as Walter Röhrl would say: " A car needs love ".