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No other Japanese tuner is as well-known and long-established in the industry as TopSecret. The company became known by many unusual conversions, successes in various racing series and of course by many tuning parts, such as the well-known GT300 Breitbau body kit, the TS Carbon hood or the TS diffuser.

Already more than 20 years ago, the company TopSecret with the Supra GT300 has created an unusual and eye-catching project with a 2.2 liter 4 cylinder engine with a 4-cylinder engine, which became a street-ready counterpart to the then JGTC racing series.

With the last remodeling (which is already a decade ago) TopSecret has built a no less inconspicuous Supra, which has also won many trophies at international exhibitions.

Top Secret calls it TS8012V, from a composition of the JZA80 as the basis and a 5 liter V12 engine - the GZ-FE - from the Toyota Century. Of course, this engine has been built from the ground up with after-market parts and is powered by two HKS-GT3335 loaders to a power of 943PS, which (as it should be otherwise) by the Getrag transmission is held. For the performance in the upper rpm range one resorts to nitrogen dioxide. Engine management is handled by an HKS F-Con vPro.

In addition to the traditionally used by TopSecret golden paint, here is of course the Breitbau with its extraordinary headlamps an eye-catcher, TopSecret calls it "Super G-Force". With this conversion, "Smokey" Nagata has personally reached a top speed of 358.22 km / h on the "Pista di Nardò" in southern Italy.

Cart is for sale

On January 12, 2018, Nagata's well-known TS8012V TopSecret wagon will be auctioned off at the Japan auction and should be priced around the 100USD. Anyone who would like to have an interest in a unique, unique and historic vehicle of a reputable company and also have the small change ready for it, should have access.

Of course we do not want to include the beautiful pictures of the vehicle.

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