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Our last shown pictures of another study on the new BMW ... ups ... of course we thought Toyota Supra caused some sighs.

But you do not have to be surprised. The MK4 owner loves his Supra with all the curves, the timeless design, the cult status, the tuning potential and anyway there is a love-hate relationship with most owners after a lot of spent hours on and under the car.

"A round sucked ball"

Few will ever give away their "old woman" and we will learn from the story of two decades ago. Before the release of the MK4, there were similar words to the "new Supra": "A round sucked ball", "No real sports car", "Headlights like any standard car", to name a few

The times and demands change, new prospects and tastes are found and the fan community for the new Supra will be there.

It will not wait until Toyota releases official pictures anyway.

Toyota Supra MK4 with 5600 miles

But now we would like to show you a find from the internet. A Supra MK4 as if it had just come out of the factory yesterday.

The prices are known to have increased over the years and well-preserved vehicles like these are becoming increasingly rare. This one was family owned right from the beginning, has just 5600 miles (9012km) on the clock, is accident free, completely original and priced at $ 99,999.

A price that you certainly will not see for the first time. The here (yet?) Extraordinary however is: It is an automatic

What is your opinion about this? If the price is justified, does the demand determine the price or is it rather a desired price?

The offer and more can be found here . Wondering, how much longer?