by KingSchnitte

1. 6 spark plugs are needed.
You can either use the original candles or suitable ones from the accessories.
Here is a list of the most commonly used spark plugs (Note pre-gaped = Electrode gap)

  • Stock DENSO PK20R11, pre-gaped to 1mm (0.043 inch) (recommended for stock supra)
  • Stock NGK BKR6EP-11 (2978), pre-gaped to 1mm (0.043 inch) (recommended for stock supra)
  • NGK BKR7E (6097), pre-gaped to 0.8mm (0.032 inch) (recommended for BPU & APU supra)
  • NGK BCPR7ES (3330), pre-gaped to 0.8mm (0.032 inch) (recommended for BPU & APU supra)
  • DENSO Iridium IK20

2. Remove the oil filler cap and stuff the opening with a cloth or screw the lid back on so that nothing can fall into it.

3. Use a 5 mm hex wrench to remove the spark plug cover (10 screws).

4. Remove the two hoses of the crankcase breather between the valve cover. If these are difficult to remove, put the pliers in the middle and turn.

If the hoses of the crankcase have not been replaced for a long time, they should also be replaced if necessary, as they may harden over time and break during disassembly.
Then buy 2 new ones (Toyota part number 12263-46010 & 12264-46010)

5. Open the clips of the wiring harness with a small flat screwdriver

6. Remove the plug from the ignition coils, 2 plugs per coil package.

ATTENTION : Please pay attention here, these are easily broken. Under certain circumstances, then also need to be renewed (Toyota part number 90980-11246 )

7. Loosen the ignition coil holders (a 10-gauge screw on each side of the holder, 3 holders / 6 screws in total).

8. Remove the coils. If stiff, jiggling back and forth to solve.

9. Use a long 5/8 "spark plug wrench to remove the spark plugs.

10. If necessary, tap the spark plugs (set the electrode gap) and screw in the new plugs (tightening torque approx. 18Nm).

11. Reinstall the ignition coils, making sure that they are seated correctly.

12. Connect the ignition cables and clamp them in the clips provided. Make sure that the ignition cables run under the hoses of the crankcase breather.

13. Install the crankcase breather hoses (old or new, depending on their condition).

14. Remove the cloth in the oil filler neck or cover.

15. Put the spark plug cover back on and screw tight.

16. Close the oil filler neck with the oil cap again

I wish you success
As always, all information without guarantee and on your own responsibility!