The offers of well-preserved vehicles are less and less, but the prices are higher. Even less there are offers with left-steered Supras and so many hopes in various forums or car exchanges to find one or the other cheap bargains.

Maybe a pensioner is somewhere in front of his hoarded in the barn Supra, in which he has long been unable to get in or maybe can not get into it.

The Schwacke price for the Supra MK4 is known to be outrageously low and so maybe set up a many ignorant seller just such a hopeful low sale price.

Often there are fake offers. Teenagers, data theft or reputable car dealers from Central Africa, who put such ads online. A supra-connoisseur recognizes such a fake ad immediately and this realization usually always applies. Not least, one should make the outrageously cheap price skeptical.

And yet, there is always this feeling: " It could be real, " especially if it is still really well done.

Hope dies last

The current offer from Espenau near Kassel is near to perfect to be true. A left-steered automatic Supra with virgin 183,500 km and well-preserved condition - at least as seen in the pictures. Also, the pictures are from Germany and not as so mostly from the US.

Fake or really?

Even the name of the seller reveals: It is not Elijah, Leon, Noah or Maximilian, but a name you would definitely put in the category "proud age": Just Klaus

Once you have tested such an ad for your heart and kidneys, you get nervous. The bank has already been contacted, vacation is already approved, the trailer worried about 3 corners. One is ready for a direct call and of course purchase.

In this case, the current number "currently" is not available. Fake or the many requests? To go crazy

The ad

Toyota Supra MK4 JZA80 3.0 Twin Turbo LHD Sell my Toyota Supra. (Lover vehicle)
I have owned the vehicle for several years now.
It always stood in the garage and was always logged only on season license plate.
I bought the car accident-free and it stayed that way.

Accident-free.Non-smoking vehicle.

The car got new Tüv / AU in March.
In addition, the following things were renewed or edited a few months ago:
- Brake fluid
- Air conditioning fluid and testing
- new tires on the rear axle
- complete wheel alignment
- new timing belt (available, not yet installed)

The car is in top condition. Engine and automatic without problems.

Year of construction: 1995
Type: automatic, Targa, big spoiler
Engine: 3 liters, 330 hp, twin turbo
Mileage: approx. 183500 KM (will be driven)
Color: blue metallic, was repainted 4 years ago
Condition: engine and automatic perfect, small paint damage, well-kept condition
Tire: front 4-5 mm, rear new
Accessories: remote control, alarm, navigation system, reversing cam, high end hifi system, hard disk storage
Extras: Cokpit in carbon look (made by a specialist workshop) chrome applications in the cockpit and doors.
Tunning: 19 inch chrome rims from ASA (registered), Blitz NÜR exhaust system (registered), Koni yellow shock absorbers (adjustable), H & R lowering springs (registered), large charge air cooler, open air filter Blitz SUS Air Intake systems, turbo timer.

Equipment ABS, Electric windows, Immobilizer, Power steering, Seat heating, Cruise control, Tuner / radio, Central locking