"It is the measure of all things, the mistress on the German drag strip and the horror of all opponents" - as the editor of the Eurotuner recently described, as the supra of Yalle posed in full glare and almost original look in front of the lens.

The decisive factor for the purchase of Supra in 2007 was the stability of value, expandability and, above all, the Targa version.

As with almost every Supra career, you started with some basic performance enhancements (BPU). Visually, everything should be left mostly original - to get the desired value stability. With a set of really send BBS rims, the owner of the Supra missed a subtle but somewhat aggressive and above all own distinctive personality of the Supra. You do not need more!

At least visually, because quickly the thirst for more power was back!
So stood the single-turbo conversion the ambitious Leistungsjunkie nothing in the way to reach the first stage with already respectable 700PS and 100Oktan fuel .

But where many already stop, the challenge for Yalle began and the data speaks for itself:

  • Fastest on the standing mile in 2011 with a top speed of 347.9km / h
  • 10.1sec on ¼ mile
  • Best time of 100-300km / h in 9,83sec. (GPS measurement)

"There has to be an ONE in front"
, says Yalle and he was right:

1300 hp
are now lurking in Yalle's engine room.

Here are a few "hard facts":

  • JE Carillo ACL Billet Mains
  • Head machining, 1mm larger valves, sharp camshafts
  • VeilSide intake manifold
  • K36 turbocharger from Porsche LeMans series (1980s) with larger compressor
  • ETS 4row LLK
  • AEM
  • Refurbished transmission
  • RPS carbon / carbon clutch
  • Differential with new TRD LSD
  • Reinforced propshaft
  • WAES
  • Toyo r888 Semis
  • and much more.

Yalles Supra

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