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Around 300,000 traffic accidents occur on German roads every year. Especially in the cold season, a crash can quickly occur due to restricted visibility or poor road conditions. In problematic situations, dashcams have proven to be a good method to clearly clarify the question of guilt.

Worthwhile especially with expensive vehicles like the Supra

The most obvious benefit of a dashcam is that it can act as evidence in court. Thus one's own innocence can be demonstrated without a doubt. However, it should also be pointed out that the video material can also be used against you. Furthermore, up until now you have always had to rely on records from surrounding shops in order to track down a perpetrator who has damaged the parked car. This is particularly painful for vehicles like the Toyota Supra , which is characterized by its high price and is a collector's item for true car fans. The dashcam's parking mode allows a high-quality picture of the perpetrator to be forwarded to the police.

What exactly is a dashcam?

Cameras that can be mounted in the car are summarized under the name Dashcam. They are small, handy and can be mounted on the dashboard or on the windshield. They run while driving and record the traffic from the front. The market for these technical marvels has continued to develop in recent years, so that a wide range of different models is now available.

The market for these technical marvels has continued to develop in recent years, so that a real range of different models is now available. Even if a wide range of products caters to the needs of different customers, the enormous range can also lead to excessive demands. However, there are a few factors that can be used as a guide when buying.

Operation, design and image quality

Operation is another point. Dashcams in the upper price segment in particular have a whole range of additional functions and technical extras. Even if this is undoubtedly to be rated positively, it happens that the user-friendliness is affected. Clear and simple operation is therefore an absolute must.

The appearance of the dashcam is less important for functionality than for personal preference. Since you usually have dashcams for several years, you can also pay attention to this criterion when buying.

The recording is of paramount importance. To guarantee this, among other things, the battery and the internal memory are necessary. These are not included in all models and must be purchased separately. In addition, your future dashcam should definitely have loop recording. This means that the camera records using time-limited frequencies. This function is an essential purchase criterion, as it ensures compliance with data protection. In addition, your camera should also be able to access the emergency recording.

The most important criterion is the image quality. After all, a camera is of little use if the images cannot be recognized. In this context, a good resolution and frame rate should be ensured. It is advisable to use models that have a high frame rate, otherwise the recording can appear jerky.


When purchasing a dashcam, a price between € 35 and € 250 can be expected. It is advisable to choose a high-quality model that has all the necessary functions and ensures problem-free recording.

Many cams also come with extras. For example, the dashcams can be connected to the smartphone via an app. In this way, the videos can be saved and managed on mobile devices. Voice control of the cameras is also becoming more widespread. In fact, this turns out to be superfluous, as the emergency button has proven to be more handy. Finally, there is also the parking mode. This enables the cameras to take pictures outside of the driving time and thus record vandalism and accidents. This is particularly recommended for drivers who use public parking spaces.

Legal - Are the recordings permitted in the event of damage?

Since May 15, 2018, the Federal Republic of Germany has been able to agree on a uniform legal situation with regard to dashcams. Continuous recording while driving therefore violates data protection, but the recordings can still be used as evidence in court.