Anyone who has ever looked into the car exchanges, have noticed the colorful mixed prices for the Supra MK4. Starting from a left and right-hand drive for almost 70,000 euros, to driftupras for the price of a potato sack. Without a valuation report, it is relatively difficult to determine the value of "his" vehicles. Especially when, in addition, the rarity value and the value of an early (already coveted anyway) vintage car is taken into consideration. Not surprisingly, the prices are currently often "wish you something".

Anyone who has ever wanted to sell something has already been asked this famous phrase, " What is last price? ".

With my own ad and some collections of experiences of other Supra colleagues, I have put together a few clichéd groups of prospective buyers, which one would like to pack all-inclusive in the drawer.

The psychology states: " The drawer thinking has its justified justification "

The accent-free "last price?" Question

Time hand on heart. In the meantime, we can not be angry with this group of people, they can not do anything for their limited vocabulary and negotiation skills, let alone be honest, they spark even the most creative forms of answers.

It is also too exhausting to deal with the experience of a car dealer in complicated negotiation talks, the "last price" - interested parties works efficiently, has discovered the copy & paste function for themselves and no longer has to face the horse in the mouth (one old quality control in animals). The prospect is also in a few minutes on site to get the car immediately.
But beware! Your "last prize" is not his last prize, because the prospect dives with a small army of car professionals / brothers and finds scratches on your vehicle, which you would never discover in the course of your life. The value of a scrap car you get then free and brutally communicated.

The "swap?" Prospective.

What used to work with potatoes and carrots can certainly work with vehicles today. A supra against 3 tons of potatoes? Almost. With many an offer it hardly makes a difference in value. In fact, a supra has been exchanged for a GTR. Good deal? What do you think?

The "You can try some yes" but hope motivates many to offer so many a potato for exchange of. Starting from the classic " blatant BMW three ", to a tuned family station wagon with the registration-free Sparco child seat. Often there is also the mother-in-law for free.

The "I can pay it in installments" prospective

If the Schufa gives bad information and even the bank employees laugh at one in the credit request, then yes, the seller must serve the Supra. Of course, " with contract and so ", because after all , you want to make it " safe ." In the safe would then be as long as the vehicle letter - Long, very long, probably eternal .. At a rate of 100, -Euro per month, in which every 3 months one fails due to personal problems with the family, girlfriend, work or work by Moscow Inkasso.

The "I can not afford it, but I'll ask holes in the stomach" prospective

This group of people is very talkative, they want to know everything about the car and like to get involved in a detailed technical discussion. What was done when, when was the last oil, transmission, differential or brake change and is all original? God forbid, if not.

If you are lucky enough, these questions will be asked in a single e-mail, but most of them will be in the myriad of ping-pong games with the prospect that goes beyond the provider's mailbox limit.

The ambitious prospective knows the / your car better than you ever can and woe the ashtray has not been emptied times, so he is a professional in it, a bad conscience to talk.

The embittered "Your vehicle is shit, but I still give you something for" interested.

The bitter prospective knows the market. The market, as it was years ago. Stuck at this time, he searches cramped for this vehicle. Back to the future and with an initial motivation, he quickly falls into despair, then anger and hatred for himself and for all. The train has left, an opportunity to find something is getting smaller and he wants to let everyone know. Questions like "Can the Supra fly or why does the ludicrous 20k cost?" Are still nicely worded.

The "Did you have a few more photos" collectors

If your vehicle still could not be found on " Spotted ", then on the photo collector's PC. With this AutoFanatiker one recognizes already at the beginning, that it would be a waste of time to answer it, but one can not be angry with it. Surely you know these cartoon fluffy animals with their round and shiny eyes? So you can imagine the "collector". A child that you can inspire for every little thing. Whether it is an insanity "WOW" remodeling, everything was kept mostly original or if the ashtray was emptied regularly. He just makes you feel like you own the hottest car in the world, and he's also often the reason why you take his ad offline again

What did you already experience with your advertisement?

PS: Do you also know the "eternal Seeker"?

The eternal seeker walks in with the "I can not afford it" prospect and scours every day all online exchanges, forums and Facebook groups. No matter if Bulgaria, Japan, UK or USA. His future car must first be built for him. Of course, at his asking price. Even with a good offer that is thrown to his feet he always finds something he does not want to buy. Wrong color, wrong rims, too many kilometers, too far or ashtray not empty.